Airfare911: timing matters. A case study

In Alaska Travelgram by scott

Don’t miss out on the lowest airfares.

First, a refresher. “Airfare911” is a text-to-phone service we offer for instant alerts. When fares go down, you’re the first to know so you can grab them before they go away.

The cost is between $5 and $6.50 per month, depending on which plan you choose. CLICK THROUGH to learn more. As an Airfare911 subscriber, you’ll get the best airfare deals delivered directly to your cellphone. 

Yesterday, airfares across the country went down. I cherry-picked some key destinations and sent out several alerts to Airfare911 subscribers. And yes, I occasionally make mistakes, too (like the fare to RIO, below). HAHA.

After dinner, I sat down to send out a special bulletin…and the fares were gone. **POOF**

So in this case, those “Airfare911” subscribers got exclusive access to the rates.

Be the first to know when fares go down. This month is going to be VERY active—we’ll see some great rates come and go.

Below, I’ve pasted a couple of screenshots to show the low fares FYI. GONE NOW, btw. But, hopefully, you’ll SUBSCRIBE NOW so you’ll get the next round….when they come out next week!

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