Night at the (Anchorage) Museum

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Anchorage Museum: The dancing bear goes nicely with the stately bear in the background, eh?

If you haven’t been to the Anchorage Museum lately, you’re missing out. It’s still the off-season, so the museum is open Thursday-Sunday. It’s always fun to see what’s on display in the “Art of the North” exhibition (above). Check out “Extra Tough: Women of the North”.

This new exhibit explores women + society, women and “place” and women at work.

“Womanhood, as it is understood and expressed, varies greatly across cultures and has also varied across time. Social forces shape gender identities. In this exhibition, artists demonstrate how social norms are modeled and learned—or disrupted—and how self-expression can be a tool for social commentary.”

“Ahtna Madonna” by Linda Infante-Lyons.

The exhibit features photos, paintings, sculpture and film. Many cultures are featured, including those in Alaska, Canada, Finland and other northern nations.

Nellie Suvlu and her daughter Helen prepare whale meat in Utqiagvik.

If you have visitors in town, be sure and take them to see the Alaska history exhibit, as well as the Smithsonian exhibit, which features artifacts from many of the cultures throughout Alaska.

From the Smithsonian Institution exhibit at Anchorage Museum.
I was tired after seeing all of the exhibits, including this massive polar bear painting by Fred Machatanz

In addition to the incredible collections of modern art, there are beautiful works by iconic painters like Sydney Laurence.

It’s not really fair to take pictures of pictures….but it’s fair to say these works will GRAB you and help you see the world a little differently.

Muir Glacier.

If you live in Anchorage, consider becoming a member and support the work of the Anchorage Museum. Adult admission is $20, with discounts for residents, seniors and a few other categories.

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