Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula

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A trip to the Yucatan Peninsula combines Alaskans’ quest for winter sunshine with a trip through history. Two of the major cities, Merida and Campeche, were founded in the 1540s. Not that the Spaniards were the first to live here…it’s just they were the last conquerors. The Mayans were here for centuries…and they fought and died at the hands of the Conquistadors.

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When you come here (not “if” btw!), you’ll get a chance to explore the mighty pyramids scattered around the peninsula. Then, you’ll witness the natural beauty–the beaches, the birds, the “cenotes” (blue holes). And you’ll enjoy visiting with the local people. They’re very friendly–and your dollar goes a long way ($1.00 = ~18.50 pesos).

Check out the story I wrote in the Anchorage Daily News HERE.

Call Franck to go on a tour of the pyramids + swim in cenotes + enjoy a meal with local Mayan family + see the flamingos. We found this tour through AirBnB.

Follow Franck on Instagram here. Contact him via WhatsApp: +5213312619344 .

We flew into Merida on United Air from Houston. OK–we didn’t crash, but my knees were crushed against the back of the “recliner” seated in front of me. Thankfully, we booked the return trip from Cancun on Alaska Air. Oh…wait…I feel an upgrade comin’ on. HAHAHAHA #MVPGold

Accommodations? Christy did all the legwork on this–and found a delightful AirBnB in the center of Merida called “Villa Merida.” Two thumbs up.

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