Trini and Lisa go to Stillpoint Lodge

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What a whirlwind. File under “last minute”. Trini and Lisa called me up and wanted to go fishing. They promised to share some of the wine they make in Sonoma (Gracianna). So, I picked ‘em up at the airport. We had dinner at Simon & Seafort’s (crab legs) and then they flew to Homer. The folks at Stillpoint Lodge picked them up and they had a great time! Fishing, kayaking , flightseeing and some good food. And massages. And fellowship. Just what the doctor ordered. They’re gone now, but Alaska is in their hearts.

Stillpoint Lodge, by the way, is across Kachemak Bay from Homer in Halibut Cove. Originally built as a spiritual retreat, it’s now an exclusive getaway for folks who want to see a special piece of Alaska. Disclaimer: I stuck in a couple of photos from our last visit to the lodge, including a snap of the delicious maple smoked black cod. #swoon

Stillpoint Lodge


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