Down on the (Alaska) farm!

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Farms in Alaska? Up in the Matanuska Valley, there are lots of farms. I mean…where EXACTLY do the “giant cabbages” come from to show off at the Alaska State Fair? Margaret Adsit of Alaska Farm Tours takes visitors out to show them farms in and around Palmer, Alaska. She discusses the ecology of the soil, the climate and how the unique glacial mix produces some great growing opportunities. You’ll see carrots, potatoes, kale, turnips, onions, lettuce, radishes, tomatoes, strawberries and MUCH more. See how farmers experiment with soil mixtures, with temperatures in greenhouses, with compost….it’s fascinating! Plus, Margaret stops along the way so you can buy some goodies to take home. Learn about the challenges Alaska farmers face to process their crops–and to get them to market. Lunch is included. Take a tour with Alaska Farm Tours. Tell Margaret I sent you. VERY COOL. TWO THUMBS UP!!



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