Cruising Alaska on the Ferry (Alaska Marine Highway)

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LIVE on the m/v Malaspina (above, approaching Haines). Yep. We’re docked in Petersburg so we’ve got bandwidth! It’s a beautiful day to sail through Alaska’s Inside Passage.

On the Alaska Marine Highway (the ferry) you’ll see communities that are w-a-a-y off the beaten path. Earlier today we docked in Kake, where lots of freight was loaded off and on the ferry on the car deck.

After Petersburg (where they’re having “Norway Days”), it’s on to Wrangell, Ketchikan and then to Prince Rupert.

You can get a stateroom (I did). But lots of folks just bring their sleeping bags and either sleep outside under the solarium, or inside on the couches or on the floor. There are showers and a cafeteria for food.

This trip from Haines to Prince Rupert saved me a couple of days of driving….and offered a chance to relax and breathe in the sea air. HEY—I recommend it. You should do it!

Remember: the ferry also plies the waters from Homer to Seldovia and Kodiak, as well as from Whittier to both Valdez and Cordova. Special sailings head out the Aleutian Chain and across the Gulf of Alaska to Juneau. RIDE THE FERRY—it’s the Alaskan thing to do!

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