Fly with K2 Aviation to see Denali!

Fly with K2 Aviation to see Denali!

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We flew with K2 Aviation last weekend—and I have the photos to prove it. As part of the adventure, I strolled along the runway to check out their fleet: a Cessna 185, deHavilland Beavers and Otters (pictured, above), a Piper Navajo and some other things-with-wings.

The Rust family has about 50 years into the flying business—they know Denali. We flew in to the Ruth Glacier to stay at the Sheldon Mountain House…but most of the flights they do are for scenic flightseeing. Big windows. Good narrative about the mountains, the glaciers and the weather.

I definitely recommend the glacier landing. It costs a little more…but it’s certainly a thrill. In fact, you’ll probably get more than a couple of selfies….as well as the PERFECT Christmas card shot. DO IT!

  1. DENALI EXPERIENCE. You’ll see the Great Gorge of the Ruth Glacier, Moose’s Tooth, Broken Tooth and the south face of Denali. Honestly, you’ll see mountains, passes and glaciers that I can’t name….I’m too busy going “Oooooh” and “Ahhhh”….have your camera ready. $220 per person for the one-hour flight. Add the glacier landing for $90. DO IT.
  2. DENALI FLYER. This is K2’s most-popular air tour. It includes a fly-over of the Kahiltna Glacier and Base Camp, where the climbers set up shop. You’ll also see the Great Gorge of the Ruth Glacier….which takes my breath away every time. It’s $285 for 1.25-hour flight. Add $90 for the glacier landing.
  3. DENALI GRAND TOUR. This is the wrap-around—and lets you see the giant Wickersham Wall on the north face. It’s a doozy! You’ll fly over the West Buttress—which is the most-popular climbing route. Your pilot will take you through the coolest passes and TRUST ME…you’ll think you’re closer to those mountains than you really are. This is $335 for the 1.5-hour tour. Add $90 for the glacier landing.

NOTE: K2 also has a “Summit Tour”  where they use a Piper Navajo. You’re going over the top of Denali—so there’s oxygen involved. It’s $345.

Call the friendly folks at K2 Aviation: (907)733-2291 or toll-free (800)764-2291. And check out my photos!

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