UPDATED: G-r-e-a-t Midsummer fares from Alaska Travel Source

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Looking over Mt. Shasta

Looking over Mt. Shasta

Alaska Travel Source will charge you a $35 fee to write a ticket. But they can get you some G-R-E-A-T deals. Here are a few hot deals to get you thinking about your next trip to the Lower 48. And YESSS, these fares work in both direction. Be sure and ask your agent about your rental car and hotel. LET’S GO!

Anchorage-Seattle $197rt JetBlue starts Jul 9
Anchorage-Portland $197rt starts Jun 25 JetBlue
Anchorage-Long Beach $256rt starts Aug. 17 JetBlue (nonstop)
Anchorage-Los Angeles/LAX $264rt starts Jul 14 Delta
Anchorage-Las Vegas $318rt from Jul 2 United
Anchorage-Orlando $442rt United starts Aug 16
Anchorage-Boston $424rt starts Jul 2 Delta
Anchorage-Omaha $396rt starts Aug 18 Delta
Anchorage-Albuquerque $406rt starts Aug 12 Delta
Anchorage-Tucson $390rt starts Jul 13 American Air

Fairbanks-Los Angeles $302rt starts Aug 19 Delta
Fairbanks-Portland $311rt start Aug. 9 Delta
Fairbanks-Seattle $196rt starts Aug 9 Delta
Fairbanks-Boston $425rt starts Jul 3 Delta
Fairbanks-San Francisco from $356rt starts Jul 13 Delta
Fairbanks-Las Vegas from $320rt starts Aug 25 Delta

Juneau-Los Angeles/LAX $301rt starts Jun 19 Delta (TOMORROW)
Juneau-Seattle  $191rt starts Jul 2 Alaska
Juneau-Portland $296rt starts Jul 2 Alaska
Juneau-Boston $433rt starts Jun 25 Delta
Juneau-San Francisco $348rt starts Jul 13 Alaska
Juneau-San Diego $341rt starts JUN 25 Delta
Juneau-Las Vegas $352rt starts Jul 2 Delta

….and many, many more! Call Alaska Travel Source: (907)562-2213.

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