Alaska Air: Great Club49 specials this week!

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Las Vegas

1. GREAT Club 49 Specials this week! Hey–you have to purchase these by tomorrow (Thu., June 27, 2013). PORTLAND is the focus city–and you can get a great deal from almost any city in Alaska, including:
Anchorage-Portland $380rt
Fairbanks-Portland $386rt

Check out in-state bargains, too: Anchorage-Ketchikan, $236rt +Anchorage-Kotzebue $201rt.

2. Did you hear the news? Alaska Airlines will be flying NONSTOP between Anchorage and Las Vegas, starting Dec. 19, 2013 (Thursday, Friday and Sunday). Also, Alaska will start nonstop service between Anchorage and Phoenix the day before (Dec. 18, 2013) on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

NOTE: Both of these new flights are non-red-eye. That means they fly during the daytime. This is huge! Other nonstops on Alaska Airlines include Anchorage-Honolulu, Anchorage-Portland, Anchorage-Chicago, Fairbanks-Seattle and Fairbanks-Portland (summertime).

3. Alaska Airlines wants to double your fun this summer–with double miles for all Club 49 members. If you’re an Alaska resident and you’re not signed up for Club 49, sign up here. You’ll receive two free checked bags on your flights in or out of Alaska. That’s huge. Then there’s the weekly fare sales. Then there’s this: Double Miles.

Unlike other mileage promos, there is NO NEED to register online to get your miles–all you need to do is make sure that you are, indeed, a Club 49 member.

The Double Miles promotion applies to all Alaska Airlines flights between May 17 and Sept. 3, 2013. Note: this promotion doesn’t double your “EQMs” (elite qualifying miles) in your annual quest for MVP or MVP Gold. Still–these miles add up.

What’s more, for qualifying flights between Anchorage and Seattle between May 17 and Sept. 3, 2013, Club 49 members automatically will receive TRIPLE MILES. That’s about 9,000 miles for a trip to Seattle .

One more thing: to make sure you get the bonus miles, Club 49 members SHOULD NOT register for any other Double Miles promotions (like the one betwen Anchorage and L.A.). Just fly. A lot. And watch the miles add up.

Don’t forget to charge everything on your Alaska Airlines Visa card. That’s what we do here at Castle McMurren. The more you spend…the more you save. Don’t have the card yet? When you apply and are approved, you get 25,000 bonus miles. That’s enough for a free ticket between the Lower 48 and Alaska!!

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