GCI has PFD specials on wireless phones!

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GCI is the official technology sponsor of the Alaska Travelgram. If you want to stay connected throughout more of Alaska, GCI offers a comprehensive network that stretches from Ketchikan to Fairbanks…and beyond. Personally tested, btw….by me! HA

Here are some PFD specials:

1. FREE Android Smartphone with your new two-year contract. Other restrictions apply, so CLICK THROUGH for details.

2. Buy two months of prepaid nationwide talk-n-text and get one month FREE. Free is such a good word. The best things in life are free.

3. iPhone 5 now available at GCI. OK, this isn’t a “PFD” special, but I’m an Apple Zealot….so this is important to me. HA.

VIsit a GCI store near you for details. 

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