I’m not driving fast. I’m flying low. Really??

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The FAA and the Medallion Foundation want you to know that you are a VITAL part of the “Circle of Safety” for aviation here in Alaska.

We’ve talked about wearing the right clothes–and following the safety briefing. Here are a couple of other highlights:

a. Don’t ask the pilot to fly low. Face it: the slogan above works great on a t-shirt. But it’s lousy flightseeing policy. Both helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft have SAFETY MINIMUMS they are required to follow. Don’t push it.

b. Respect the pilot’s decision on weight/balance. This is especially important when you have small planes and plots of people. Your pilot has to do important calculations based on the plane’s capabilities. His or her decision may result in a larger air charter bill–but it’s really a question of physics when it comes to how many pounds these planes can haul. Don’t push it. And yes, moose hunters–we’re talking to you.

Check out all the points on the Circle of Safety. Learn more about the Medallion Foundation and the culture of aviation safety they are fostering in Alaska’s skies.

Remember–aviation safety is everybody’s business! The Federal Aviation Administration and the Medallion Foundation have developed a “circle of safety” list for travelers. Check it out. Talk to your pilot. Learn more. 

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