Daily Double: Two sets of deals from Alaska Air

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Alaska Airlines put up some flags in their new Terminal 6 at LAX to let travelers know there are POWER OUTLETS in the seats. AWESOME! Oh–they’ve also remodeled the BOARD ROOM at LAX. V-e-r-y nice. All the fixin’s, including free espresso, drinks (you CAN pay for premium beverages!), snacks and such. Plus a nice place to watch planes! See photo below, right!

Let’s drill down on this week’s Club49 deals. Remember, you MUST purchase the Club49 deals by TOMORROW, Thu., Aug. 23, 2012. Let’s review:

Anchorage-Sitka: $125 each way (GREAT DEAL!!) Travel 9/11-10/9/12
Fairbanks-Juneau: 136 each way Travel 9/11-10/9/12
Anchorage-Adak: $299 each way Travel 9/11-10/9/12 (FABULOUS!!!)
Fairbanks-Los Angeles Int’l (LAX): $279 each way Travel in October
Cordova-LAX: $270 each way Travel in October

The above Club49 fares must be purchased by tomorrow, Thu., Aug. 23, 2012. Click HERE for more information, terms and conditions.

And now, behind Door #2, here are some great deals for travel between September and Dec. 12, 2012. Check these out:

Between Anchorage and:
Fairbanks $99 each way
Cordova $99 each way
Kodiak $119 each way
Yakutat $124 each way
Juneau $129 each way (g-r-e-a-t-! )
Nome/Kotzebue $159 each way
St. Louis, MO $224 each way
Las Vegas $239 each way

Between Fairbanks and:
Las Vegas $279 each way
Portland $289 each way
Phoenix $299 each way
Seattle $269 each way

Between Juneau and:
Seattle $199 each way
Las Vegas $229 each way
Palm Springs $229 each way
Tucson $239 each way

NOTE: There are LOTS MORE discounted fares available, but I just picked the ones I liked. You MUST purchase these deals by next Monday, Aug. 27, 2012. Click through for terms and conditions.

Click HERE for reservations. 


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