Going flying? Dress for success!

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Here in Alaska, we depend on airplanes to get around! Small planes. Big planes. Float planes–even ski planes. Above, I caught a ride with Homer Air from Seldovia to Anchorage. It wasn’t glamorous, but together, we got the job done! And I was glad I “dressed for success”!

While it’s rare, pilots occasionally must make unplanned detours and/or landings. Perhaps there’s fog where you’re trying to land. Or, there might be a problem with the plane. Maybe the winds require your pilot to stop and get extra fuel.

Whatever the reason–as a passenger you need to be reasonably prepared in case of a delay or detour.

For example: if you’re going in a float plane to a remote location, it’s a good idea to wear comfortable walking shoes. Leave the high heels and sandals at the hotel. I have two pairs of Keen shoes. They’re lightweight and waterproof.

Or, if you’re going sightseeing up to a glacier, be prepared in case you need to stay a little longer. Many of the glacier operators have warming tents. Still, it’s a good idea to have a hat and a jacket–just in case. Ex Officio has a couple of new jackets: “Wind Logic” and “Storm Logic” . Check ’em out.

We all know cotton is comfortable. Hoodies, jeans, shirts and such. Alaska adventurers eschew cotton in favor of lightweight layers of fleece. Synthetic fabrics dry quickly when wet and provide some loft to help you get warm quickly. Check this out from REI.

Remember–aviation safety is everybody’s business! The Federal Aviation Administration and the Medallion Foundation have developed a “circle of safety” list for travelers. Check it out. Talk to your pilot. Learn more.

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