We have a winner: GREEN Rescue Laser Flare!

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Above, Greatland Laser CEO Kim Erickson offers a top-o’-the-line Green Rescue Flare to an Iditarod musher at the Ceremonial Start in Anchorage. Mushers, of course, understand the need to be prepared on the trail!

CONGRATULATIONS to Ben H. here in Anchorage. He’s the lucky winner of a new GREEN laser rescue flare. Here’s his story:

-Three of us were rafting the wild Nikichmuk River when suddenly we happened upon a 50-foot waterfall. The landing flipped our boat and Robert hit a boulder below. It busted his leg. An awful sight — bone and flesh sticking out from his leg. Our medical kit and radio had washed away, but we managed to improvise first aid care. We stabilized Robert, but he needed an evacuation. Thank goodness we soon spotted a plane overhead and had a Greatland Laser Rescue Flare to signal for help. The pilot spotted us, flew over and dipped his wings. Robert and our crew were safely back in Anchorage within hours. 

“Nah, just a bit of fiction,” he adds. Hey–he had me going. Enjoy the laser, Ben. Spread the word!

Here are a few features of these handy devices:

a. Waterproof to 80 feet.
b. Rugged build for aviation and maritime applications (life raft, survival pack).
c. No fire hazard.
d. Runs for 40 hours.
e. $99.95 (for the pocket model)

Read why the U.S. Navy is considering replacing traditional pyrotechnic flares with Rescue Lasers. 


Here’s a review of the Pocket Laser from the folks at Black Scout Survival. 

Learn more at Greatland Laser’s website. I’ll say again: Be Prepared!!


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