Ketchikan=Breaching Whales. TourSaver=Awesome deals.

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I’m here in Ketchikan for another day or two–and I was visiting with the folks at Clover Pass Resort. It’s about 14 miles north from downtown Ketchikan–overlooking some prime seafront. They have a marina there, along with an RV park, a fish-processing facility–and more. We saw a couple of whales roll in the background and then–kaBAM, two of the giant beasts breached right in front of us. AWESOME!

So, we picked this photo as the cover for next year’s edition of the Great Alaskan TourSaver. Everything in the book is 2-for-1 and we have some real surprises for next year. More whalewatching. More bears. More plane rides. More stuff. More lodges. More adventures. Lots of unique things that you might not think to do–but we’re going to suggest it. And what a deal! The 2012 Great Alaskan TourSaver will be available around Nov. 15, 2011.

While visiting Ketchikan, I had the chance to stop in at Ray Troll’s shop, “Soho Coho”. It’s staffed by real Alaskan girls, like Erin (pictured, at right). HA. Dig the XtraTuffs. And check out my photo album on our FACEBOOK PAGE. Follow the Facebook feed for live updates! 

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