GCI sez: The Best Things In Life Are Free

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That’s the truth when it comes to cell phones. Stop in to a GCI store and pick a phone. Any phone. Blackberry. Android. Nokia. Samsung. 

The phone is free. You have to sign up for a new GCI contract for service, of course (two years). And if you get a Smartphone like the HTC Desire (pictured), there is a $30 monthly charge for a data plan. DO IT!

Last week, I had the chance to visit with my wireless guru, Tim Beichley at GCI. He shared some of his favorite apps in the mobile Twitterverse:

a. Gesture Mobile. This is for Android phones (like my HTC Desire!!). You install it and you can simply trace a letter on your phone and it searches your contacts, your apps, your music. It’s really cool. And it’s free. I’ve got it. Very cool.

b. Barcode Scanner (Android). When you see a bar code, you can take a snapshot and it will take you right to the URL for more information . Cool .

c. Dropbox (Android and Blackberry). The best way to move large files around. I have it on my phone–share music, photos, data files and videos. It’s fast, free and secure.

d. Pandora (Android and Blackberry). OK–true confessions. I have an Alison Krauss channel on Pandora. It’s a great way to discover new music–and it plays for free.

e. Google Maps (Android and Blackberry). Goog-maps are SO much better than the Crackberry version–it’s embarrassing. Make sure you’ve got the updated version.

Stop in to the GCI store today and pick up a free phone when you sign up for new service. The phone is free–but there’s also the $30 data package each month (Worth it) in addition to your monthly plan.

COMING SOON: The Motorola XOOM tablet! In stores April 1. It’s $600, or $500 when you get a new mobile plan.

REMEMBER: 5,000 Alaska Airlines miles. It’s your bonus when you sign up for a qualifying plan! See you at the store!


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