Yoga=Better traveler

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You know I’m a big fan of yoga to keep relaxed and flexible when I’m on the road. It really does make a difference.
Here at home, Anchorage Yoga is my studio-of-choice. The studio, run by Josh Love and Katey Inman, offers a variety of first-timer specials. And I am living proof that you don’t have to be “in shape” to begin a yoga discipline. Heck–I’m barely ambulatory and the folks at Anchorage Yoga are  as nice as they can be. HA.
If you are in town Mar. 18-20, the studio is hosting a series of events with Wade Morissette:
a. Hip Hop Core Yoga and Meditation. “Combining the best of world music grooves and a vigorous vinyasa flow”. Wow. Open to all levels.
b. Dynamic Transformative Yoga. Backbends, inversions, twists…oh my! Again–open to all levels.
c. Kirtan Concert with Bliss Dance. Come play, sing and celebrate.
d. Five Keys to Unlocking Inner Bliss. I’m thinking “donuts, chocolate, ice cream and beer”. No. It’s a journey of the five  koshas: physicality (asana), meditation, energy (pranayama), awareness (integration) and profound inner peace (music and sound).
e. The Art of Teaching….great for teachers (duh).
Check with the folks at Anchorage Yoga for details on the classes: (907) 562-9642. In the meantime, stop in for a class. The studio is at 701 W. 36th Ave., in the strip mall at 36th and Arctic. They’ve got mats for rent. Bring a towel and a change of clothes. You’re going to sweat! But they’ve got showers and a friendly, welcoming spirit!

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