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Happy Thanksgiving! Here at Chez McMurren, the snow is falling and the creatures are rousing slowly.

We’re very grateful for our wonderful life in Alaska–for our friends, our family and the beautiful country we call “home”.

There is a tradition of hospitality in our Thanksgiving holiday. So often, the day calls for a gathering of family and friends around the table. There are airport runs, the occasional basketball game, some awkward “getting to know you” moments after gone-too-long absences. And the turkey…which really is the precursor to the pies.

Take a moment to give thanks for all the folks who contribute to our collective gathering during this happy weekend. Many, but not all, have made “hospitality” their career, including:

a. Your friendly neighborhood airport workers. This includes our friends at the airlines (counter staff, pilots, baggage handlers, flight attendants–the works), the folks who keep the airport running (FAA, maintenance and facilities, rental car , food service and coffee concessions) and yes, even your friends and neighbors at the TSA.

b. The folks who run hotels and rent cars. They’re geared up to keep you safe and comfortable as you visit your loved ones–wherever they may be.

c. The men and women in our armed forces–and their families. Here in Alaska, this amounts to thousands of folks. Many of them in harm’s way–a world away from the comfy couch and the big screen with the game on. Please–keep them in your prayers today. I am thankful for their extraordinary service.

Speaking of prayers, take a moment and pray for those less fortunate than us. The homeless. The oppressed. The victimized. The hungry. The lost. The forgotten. The sick. The prisoner. The refugee. Ask God to give us the grace to welcome the pilgrim, the traveler, the stranger–as a guest. Not just at our table, but in our lives.

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