Be quick: Anchorage-Honolulu $354rt all-in

In Airfares, Alaska Travelgram, Consumer by scott

Kelly Jo over at USTravel snagged this one. BE QUICK. Anchorage-Honolulu for $354rt all-in. Fly Anchorage-Honolulu on Dec. 6 or 7, 2010. Return Dec. 12 or 13, 2010. Call her at (907)561-2434 or toll-free (800)544-2217.

Oh–do you want to go later in the month? No problem. It’s $1,000,000 each way. HA.

Ask Kelly Jo (or one of the other fine agents at USTravel) to book your hotel and rental car while you’re on the phone. They’re pros–and can arrange your condo, or make recommendations about which island is the best, etc.

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