PFD travel blowout=Here. Now.

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I’ve been waiting for this. USTravel has some great PFD bargains! Check out these great air fares (MUST purchase by Oct. 10!!):

Anchorage-Phoenix NONSTOP $440rt+tax
Anchorage-Palm Springs $440rt+tax
Anchorage-Las Vegas $440rt+tax
Anchorage-Flagstaff $440rt+tax
Anchorage-Long Beach $440rt+tax
Anchorage-San Antonio $460rt+tax
Anchorage-Austin $460rt+tax
Anchorage-Tampa $480rt+tax
Anchorage-Ft. Lauderdale $480rt+tax
Anchorage-Orlando $480rt+tax

Nice-n-hot. Call USTravel today (T-O-D-A-Y): (907)561-2434 or (800)544-2217.

Plus, other great PFD Travel deals for families:

a. Spring break cruise from NCL: from $545 per person, quad (4 to a cabin)
b. Hawaii Getaway from Pleasant Holidays: from $788 per person, quad (2 adults, 2 kids under 17–THIS INCLUDES NONSTOP AIR Anchorage-Honolulu)

And…PFD deals for “Just the Two of Us”:
a. Cruise with Royal Caribbean from Miami, from $583 per person, double
b. Cruise with Carnival from L.A., from $579 per person, double

Call now for the latest deals: (907)561-2434 or toll-free: (800)544-2217.

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