Lisa Goodwin: Hot yoga inspiration!

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I’m not kidding. A regular yoga regimen makes me a better traveler. Here at home, Anchorage Yoga is my number-one studio. I’m a big fan of Rick Resnick’s (that’s him on the right in the blue shirt) Bikram-style hot yoga, but I’ve also done several practices with Katey and her “Hot Flow” sessions.

I also practice the Bikram style when I’m traveling. There are studios everywhere: Newport Beach, Barcelona, Paris, Eugene, Redmond…and that’s just the ones I know about! It’s a great way to stay limber while you’re on the road.

Check the website for schedules and prices. There are classes seven days a week! They’re always running specials for first-timers–LIKE YOU!! DO IT!!

Oh, they’re having a special weekend session next week with Lisa Goodwin. “Experience Lisa’s inspirational teaching style as she guides you through a dynamic vinyasa flow of love, breath and fullest expression of each pose. This class will awaken your life force energy and leave you feeling invigorated and alive.” Whoo-boy.

Fri., Sept. 17: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times (part 1)
Sat., Sept. 18: Posture Clinic, followed by Ancient Wisdom (part 2)
Sun., Sept 19: Warm Yoga Flow

Check the website for details. Or, call Katey, Josh or one of the other folks at Anchorage Yoga: (907)562-9642.


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