Era Alaska: fare sales in the air!!

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Okay, Era Alaska is more than just free cookies on the Dash-8 flights. And, oh, by the way, there WERE indeed a couple of flights last week WITHOUT cookies (ACK!). Just a little technical problem with the oven–but it’s ALL FIXED NOW! Good thing, since Era Alaska now has some great fall fares. Check ’em out!

Kodiak-Fairbanks $179 ea way plus tax
Fairbanks-Kotzebue $219 ea way plus tax
Fairbanks-Bethel $209 ea way plus tax
Fairbanks-Cordova $149 ea way plus tax
Anchorage-Fairbanks $99 ea way plus tax
Anchorage-Cordova $89 ea way plus tax
Anchorage-Kodiak $99 ea way plus tax
Anchorage-Bethel $129 ea way plus tax
Anchorage-Barrow $210 ea way plus tax

…and more! You must purchase these tickets no later than Aug. 29, 2010. There is a 14-day advance purchase. Travel through Dec. 15, 2010 only. Check the website today and make your reservations!

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