Whistlestop Railroad Tour of Spencer Glacier

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Got some great railroad and glacier pics while entertaining guests. Hop aboard the Alaska Railroad at Portage for the quick ride up to Spencer Glacier.

You’ve got three options: walk around with a U.S. Forest Service guide who can give you some insight into the surroundings, the glacial activity, the rivers and the critters in the area. Or, you can take a float trip or a canoe trip with Chugach Adventure Guides down the Placer River.

Or, you can wander off on your own up the path to the glacier. You’re welcome to camp in the valley. Or, you can use the 2-3 hour window to get an up-close view of Spencer Glacier. That’s what we did.

Any option is a good one. Take advantage of the Alaska Railroad‘s special: $129 for your train ride, a lunch and a float trip or canoe trip. This is a great daytrip. In the canoes, you can paddle a little closer to the glacier. The float trip goes for about five river miles.

Call the Alaska Railroad today (800)544-0552 and make plans to visit Spencer Glacier!

All A-b-o-o-a-r-d-!

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