Are you Smart? Do you have a Smart Phone?

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Okay–I admit it: my phone is smarter than me. I have one of GCI‘s HTC Hero phones. I’ve had it for awhile–and it’s still smarter than me. Email. Alarm clock. Video player. My kids know how to set up custom ring tones. There’s a built-in GPS for maps. How’d they do that? I know–it’s a Google thang.
GCI is your smart phone headquarters. Whether you’re a Crackberry lover or an Android person (that’s me), you can upgrade right now at GCI. There are several Blackberry models available FREE with your two-year contract, including the 8330 (my wife has that one). The new “Storm” costs $100–but it’s pretty fancy.
Remember, the whole family can play with GCI‘s nationwide unlimited plans. The first phone is $70/month. If you have a smart phone, you’ll end up with another $30 monthly charge. But you can add up to four additional lines on the unlimited plans. Check with GCI for complete details. There are other plans available, but I like the Nationwide Unlimited plan.
One more GCI accessory that I love: the Xtreme Mobility wireless internet card. You get unlimited use in Alaska–and it saves me when I cannot find a “free” wireless spot when I’m traveling (or even around town).
The monthly cost is $20 (if you have GCI at home). But it’s worth it!

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