HOT: L-O-W fares to/fr Lower 48 fr $304rt

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Whole new crop. Check it out! The professionals at USTravel can find these seats for you at BEST PRICES. Don’t wait, because these fares will NOT LAST. Whoa. $304rt to Minneapolis. Wow!

Call (907)561-2434 in Anchorage, or (800)544-2217 toll-free. Airlines? Well, Delta started it, but Alaska has matched many of the rates. That’s what airlines do. Twenty-one day advance purchase. Cheapest days to fly? Tue/Wed/Sat/ . Blackout dates.  Really, tho’. Don’t dawdle.

Do it. Now.

Anchorage-Minneapolis: $304 roundtrip all-in
Anchorage-Denver $376rt all-in
Anchorage-Portland $400rt all-in
Anchorage-L.A. $404rt all-in
Anchorage-Sioux Falls, SD $440rt all-in
Anchorage-Wash., DC: $385rt all-in
Anchorage-NYC: $394rt all-in
Anchorage-Hartford, CT: $415rt all-in
Anchorage-New Orleans $445rt all-in
Anchorage-Charlotte, NC $443rt all-in
Anchorage-Fayetville, NC $454 rt all-in
Anchorage-Ft. Myers, FL $475rt all-in AWESOME
Anchorage-Orlando, FL $475rt all-in AWESOME!!
Anchorage-Tampa, FL $475rt all-in AWESOME
Anchorage-Daytona Beach, FL $475rt all-in
Anchorage-Jacksonville, FL $475rt all-in
Anchorage-Ft. Lauderdale, FL $505rt all-in
Anchorage-San Antonio, TX $455rt all-in
Anchorage-Austin, TX $455rt all-in
Anchorage-Burlington, VT $455rt all-in
Anchorage-Albany, NY $456rt all-in
Anchorage-Binghamton, NY $455rt all-in
Anchorage-Wilkes-Barre, PA $455rt all-in
Anchorage-Rochester, NY $455rt all-in
Anchorage-Huntsville, AL $469rt all-in
Anchorage-Memphis, TN $450rt all-in
Anchorage-Charleston, WV $455rt all-in
Anchorage-Buffalo, NY $455rt all-in
Anchorage-Nashville, TN $455rt all-in
Anchorage-Pittsburgh $455rt all-in
Anchorage-Akron/Canton, OH $455rt all-in
Anchorage-Cincinnati, OH $453rt all-in
Anchorage-Dayton, OH $455rt all-in
Anchorage-Portland, ME $475rt all-in
Anchorage-Boston, MA $475rt all-in
Anchorage-Norfolk, VA $470rt all-in
Anchorage-Oklahoma City, OK $455rt all-in
Anchorage-Tulsa $453rt all-in
Anchorage-El Paso, TX $453rt all-in
Anchorage, Wichita, KS $450rt all-in
Anchorage-Kansas City, MO $455rt all-in
Anchorage-Des Moines, IA $455rt all-in
Anchorage-Indianapolis $455rt all-in
Anchorage–Ft. Wayne, IN $455rt all-in
Anchorage-Lansing, MI $455rt all-in
Anchorage-Grand Rapids, MI $455rt all-in
Anchorage-Traverse City, MI $455rt all-in
Anchorage-Peoria, IL $455rt all-in
Anchorage-Green Bay, WI $455rt all-in
Anchorage-Cedar Rapids, IA $455rt all-in
Anchorage-Milwaukee $453rt all-in

Check with USTravel for your city: (907)561-2434 in Anchorage. CLICK HERE for a complete list of locations, contact numbers, etc. There is a GOB of late-season deals now available.

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