Trim ~$200 off Anchorage-Seattle RT

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Trim up to $200 off your trip between Anchorage and Seattle with our friends at USTravel. Note–you must purchase your ticket by June 18, 2010.

Speaking of USTravel, be sure and check out their new website. It’s sleek–and offers some good info on cruises, vacations, tours and more!!

The lowest available fare between Anchorage and Seattle is $576 roundtrip on Alaska or Continental. OVER-THE-TOP!!!!!! OKOK–Alaska does have a “web special” for $514rt. But what’s so “special” about that??

But if you route your trip through Denver, you can trim $170 off the cost of your ticket. Here’s how:
Fly from Anchorage to Denver, then connect to your flight back up to Seattle. Spend your time in Seattle, then fly home. I would choose Alaska, since I’m MVP and I have a better chance at an upgrade to “F”. But the professionals at USTravel can find you a seat on Alaska, United, Delta–whomever has the seats.
You can, of course, spend as long as you want in Denver. Total cost: $406 roundtrip, all-in. Oh, fyi, you’ll get 4,800 miles flying through Denver and Seattle.

You also can travel to Seattle via San Francisco and save a bundle. Fly down to the City by the Bay from Anchorage on Alaska Airlines. Connect and fly back up to Seattle (or stay as long as you wish). Then, come home nonstop from Seattle. Total cost: Just $436 roundtrip, all-in.

Finally, you can fly to Portland for $400 roundtrip, all in on Alaska or Continental. Then drive up to Seattle. Usually, it’s the other way around (fly to Seattle, drive to Portland).

The same strategy works for Fairbanks travel.

If you want to fly between Fairbanks and Seattle, the L-O-W-E-S-T fare is $657 (OMG!).
Route through Denver (Fairbanks-Denver-Seattle-Fairbanks) and the fare drops to $439 roundtrip, all in. Save $218.
Route through San Francisco (Fairbanks-S.F.-Seattle-Fairbanks) and the fare drops to $496, roundtrip, all in. Save $161.

If you’re traveling on your own, you might question all that extra “butt time” (unless you’re a mileage hound like me). But think about a family of four! That’s a $700-$800 savings.

USTravel really can save you a bundle–with little tricks like this. Pay attention–it can save you $$. With offices in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau, Ketchikan, Kodiak, Dutch Harbor, Prudhoe Bay and Seattle–USTravel is the state’s largest travel agency. They know what they’re doing!

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