Hey Era! Do I smell cookies?

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Please don’t tell my friends at Era. They asked me to be quiet–but the word is out: COOKIES ARE COMING BACK. Why do I care? Why ask why?
But on your next flight on the Dash-8s, ask about the cookies.
A little birdie told me several “test cookies” have appeared on flights between Anchorage, Fairbanks and Kodiak. But I don’t have any PHOTOS.
If you have a PHOTO of some of the new cookies, send it in for a prize. What prize? Well, how about a coffee card from Kaladi’s!! Best photo takes it!! Send it to: [email protected]
WEB SPECIALS for travel June 10-June 14:
Anchorage-Kodiak $218 roundtrip
Anchorage-Kenai $119 roundtrip
Anchorage-Homer $149 roundtrip
Anchorage-Valdez $159 roundtrip
Anchorage-Fairbanks $219 roundtrip
Anchorage-Barrow $369 roundtrip
Anchorage-Aniak $299 roundtrip
Anchorage-Bethel $339 roundtrip
Anchorage-Cordova $179 roundtrip
Fairbanks-Barrow $369 roundtrip
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