Free Blackberry phones at GCI

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Get a free Blackberry phone at GCI. The best things in life are free–and that’s certainly the case with GCI right now (while supplies last). Pick up a Blackberry smart phone. Choose from several–you do have to sign a two year contract. However, you do not need a “data plan” if you don’t want one.

That said, why would you get a smart phone without the “data plan” functionality? Uh–I dunno.

Regardless, stop by and get a Blackberry today–free. Oh–you do need to choose some sort of phone plan–and that’s a monthly charge. I opt for the unlimited plan. The nationwide unlimited plan is $70 per month (OKOK–“$69.99”). Add unlimited texting for $6 per month. And YES, I recommend the data plan for an additional $30/mo.

Click here for a list of all GCI stores throughout the state.

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