Act F-A-S-T to stop a stroke!

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May is Stroke Awareness Month. Alaska Regional Hospital is the state’s first Joint Commission-certified stroke center, so the stroke team knows it’s crucial  to recognize the signs and symptoms of stroke in themselves and their loved ones.
If something doesn’t seem right and you suspect it may be stroke, use this simple “F A S T” test:
F is for Face–ask the person to smile. If one side of their face appears crooked or drooping this person may be having a stroke
A is for Arms–ask them to lift both arms in the air–if there is difficulty with one arm, this too may be a sign of a stroke
S is for Speech–ask the person to repeat a simple sentence. If their words are slurred or they are unable to speak, this may be a sign
T is for Time – if any of the previous symptoms are present, call 911 immediately.
Stroke is a medical emergency, so get help quickly.  Call Alaska Regional’s heart and stroke line at 264-2332 to learn more about signs and symptoms.
COMING UP: Men’s Health Fair  on June 19, 2010.  Time: 8 a.m.-12 Noon.
Location: Alaska Regional Hospital main lobby.  Stop in for free blood tests (lipid panel, blood sugar & PSA), plus blood pressure checks and an exercise demonstration. Educational exhibits and mini seminars will help you with men’s health issues. Learn CPR in 20 minutes and also pick up a hunting/fishing license at a $5 discount! No RSVP is necessary. Women are also welcome to attend. Call Audry at (907)264-1113 for more information.

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