New airline service in Alaska

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We’ve been doing some deep research on NEW FLIGHTS to Alaska with our friends at USTravel. This is big news fortravelers, since it portends lower fares as more carriers work to fill up their flights. Below, we’ll review new and increased service by United Airlines, Sun Country Airlines, Continental Airlines, American Airlines, Air Canada, Delta Air Lines, Frontier Airlines and USAirways.

These are crucial developments for air travelers. Why? Because when airlines are fighting each other for travelers–the travelers win in the form of better service and lower fares. That’s good! Check the details after the jump!

a. Beginning on May 12, Frontier Airlines will launch Fairbanks-Denver service. This already has resulted in markedly lower fares for Fairbanksans.  Fairbanks-Denver fares start at $378 roundtrip. In fact, Delta has lowered fares for travel to places like San Diego and Denver already–in advance of Frontier’s entrance. Frontier will fly four times each week. Frontier Airlines also will resume its daily Anchorage-Denver nonstop in May. Check with USTravel’s Fairbanks office for the latest, greatest Fairbanks deals: (907) 452-8992.

b. Beginning on May 6, Condor German Airlines will resume its nonstop service from both Fairbanks and Anchorage to Frankfurt, Germany. This is huge. Actually, Condor also flies to/from Whitehorse, YT–convenient for travelers in Southeast Alaska. Prices start at $740 roundtrip Anchorage-Frankfurt. Check with Kelly Jo at USTravel in Anchorage for deals on Condor’s flights: (800)544-2217.

c. Beginning June 1, USAir will offer daily nonstop service between Anchorage and Philadelphia. This is in addition to USAir’s daily nonstop service between Anchorage and Phoenix. There are no deals on these flights yet. “Yet” being the operative term. Stand by. Wait–and see.

d. Beginning on May 22, United Airlines will return to Anchorage, with nonstop service to Chicago. United is starting out with Saturday-only service from Chicago to Anchorage. On June 2, United will upgrade to daily Anchorage-San Francisco, Anchorage-Denver and Anchorage-Chicago service. The airline made a big deal about pulling out last year–but now they’re back. Right now, they’re saying the service is seasonal. We’ll see.

e. Beginning in May, American Airlines will resume nonstop service between Anchorage and Dallas. Additionally, the carrier will reinstate its Anchorage-Chicago nonstop.

f. Beginning May 28, Sun Country will resume its almost-daily service between Anchorage and Minneapolis.

g. Continental Airlines made big news by announcing new Anchorage-Portland service, beginning in May. Already, the carrier flies twice each day between Anchorage and Seattle. In May, Continental will resume its Anchorage-Houston nonstop.

h. Air Canada will resume its daily Anchorage-Vancouver, BC flights on May 14. I’m not sure why, though,They want more than $900 roundtrip. GIve them time. That price will drop, I promise you.

i. Delta Air Lines (including Northwest Air) flies nonstop, year-round between Anchorage and Salt Lake City and between Anchorage and Minneapolis. In May, they spool up their Anchorage-Detroit service and Anchorage-Atlanta. They also boost frequency to Salt Lake and Minneapolis.

j. God Bless Alaska Airlines. The carrier offers year-round service ANC-SEA, FAI-SEA, JNU-SEA, KTN-SEA,  Anchorage-Portland and Anchorage-Chicago. In the summer, the airline adds daily Anchorage-Denver, Anchorage-San Francisco, Anchorage-L.A.

Watch for bargains as airlines work to fill their seats. Be prepared to act! Call Kelly Jo or one of the fine professionals at USTravel: (907)561-2434 or toll-free: (800)544-2217.

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