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Yoga is good–and it’s good for you! Don’t take my word for it, tho’, Stop in and visit my friends Kim and Svia at Laughing Lotus here in Anchorage.

Laughing Lotus, in addition to a full schedule of regular classes, hosts  a series of workshops. Hey, people. Branch out in your Yoga-ness. Try something new. I did! HA!

a. Intro to Kashmiri Yoga, with Tanya Gonnason. 1/10/10. 6-8pm  $25. Work with the tactile sense, eliminate resistances in the spinal column, work with postures (asanas) to de-condition the body of poor alignment.
b. African Drum Workshop, with Jesse Wright and Johnnie Wright. Each Tue.,1/12-2/9/10, 8–9:15pm $90. Lift your spirits: learn traditional African drumming.  Two great drummers! No experience necessary.  Bring your drum.  If you don’t have one, let us know when you call to register.
c. African Fuzion Dance Workshop. Misha Morgan and Johnnie Wright.
1/14-2/11/10, 8-9:15pm $90. An African Dance Celebration full of learning, LIVE music and heart-pumping fun.  Here, step-by-step, we will explore dances rooted in the rich fabric of African culture.

When you visit the studio, buy a square in the pool to guess the time/date/gender of Svia’s baby-to-be. In this picture, she bares all in her quest to raise money for the charity (I forget the name). Something to do with kids–I remember that part.

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