Alaska Airlines: sale after sale!

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Have you noticed? Alaska Airlines has offered lots of short-term 25 percent discounts during the last two weeks.Spirit_of_Seattle

It’s worth it to bookmark the site and pay attention to the sale destinations. Last night was Hawaii. A few days ago it was Mexico. Now it’s Arizona. Plus, here’s an unadvertised SUPER-SPECIAL:

Anchorage-Denver $494rt . Travel by Aug. 22. This is a GREAT deal. GRAB it!

Also–don’t miss out on those GREAT double-qualifying miles for MVP and MVP Gold. I made some real progress toward my elite status earlier this month with my trip to Chicago and Seattle. I flew 6,000 miles and earned 12,000 miles towards my MVP status. THAT’s a deal!

Speaking of regular-old, garden-variety (love ’em) double miles, Alaska Air will offer those to its new destinations:

Seattle-Austin (starting Aug. 3)

Seattle-Houston (Starting Sept. 23)

Seattle-Atlanta (Starting Oct. 23)

Finally, I want to add a pitch for Alaska Air’s credit card from Bank of America. There’s a slew of bonus miles that come with the card, but the number-one benefit for me is the $50 companion fare. We have two kids in the house, so we have two cards: one for personal expenses and another for business. That way, we get two companion fares each year. Since we love going to Mexico, it allow us to take the kids along without busting the bank. It might be cheaper, though, to just leave them at home…hmmm.

HA! So, bookmark Alaska’s site. And follow them on . I keep up with the Twitter crew–we’ve had some fun “tweet-ups” in Seattle. Tell ’em I sent you. Watch for more bargains, too.

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