Unlimited is my favorite word

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Unlimited: it’s right up there with “free” in my Favorite Word department. So GCI is hitting the Sweet Spot with its Alaska Unlimited Plus Planlg-kp500-affordablepreview1.  and the new FREE LG KP500 phone. The plan is $55 per month and includes unlimited calls to the Lower 49 states, plus unlimited text messages. This is perfect if you’re cruising around Alaska and need a network that ROCKS.

If you’re traveling (that’s me), you’ll find the Nationwide Unlimited plan works better. It’s $100/mo–but it includes those pesky out-of-state roaming charges. Plus, you can additional lines to share the minutes.

Now, about the FREE part.  Get a two-year contract for the Alaska Unlimited Plus or Nationwide Unlimited Plus and you get a FREE LG KP500 phone. Whoa! Here are some of the cool features:
a. Touchscreen
b. Onscreen QWERTY keyboard
c. 3MP camera
d. Music player

So, call (907)265-5400 today or click online to get your Unlimited plan and your free phone. Ah, my two favorite words in just one sentence!!

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