Rip Van Winkle has left Anchorage!

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OK, remind me to tell you about the cool e-postcards you can send to your friends and relatives to COAX them to Anchorage this summer. In the meantime, though, I ran into several contestants for the Beard & Moustache Championship that was held in Anchorage earlier this month.beards

That’s Bernd Popiak on the left, one of the big winners in the “full beard” competition. Whoa! Hairy!! Actually, they were on my CONDOR flight, headed back to Germany and Switzerland. Folks–if that’s what it takes to get people to visit our wonderful state–then so be it! HA. I rememberdisplay3jpg

Check out the new “send a postcard” section of Anchorage’s new visitor website at !  Try it out! Win prizes, including glacier cruises! Click here to review the cards and send them to your friends and family. They need to come up THIS summer!!

Here’s a bonus: When your friends and relatives come north to visit, you get exclusive discounts from . Sign up for the  “Friends of Seymour Club” for discounts.

Who doesn’t know that this year is the 50th anniversary of Alaska Statehood? There is a special section at with deals and itinerary ideas. Check it out–and help us celebrate!

Finally–check out the Virtual Visitor Guides show you around Anchorage at the NEW site: .  Watch videos, check out photo galleries and review information on area businesses.

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