Big air fare sale on Era Aviation

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Check these incredible Era Aviation deals:

Anchorage to/from: Kenai $80 ow 

Anchorage to/from: Homer $105 ow 

Anchorage to/from: Valdez $124 ow 

Anchorage to/from: Fairbanks $99 ow  (WOW!)

Anchorage to/from: Bethel $189 ow

Anchorage to/from: Cordova $129 ow

Anchorage to/from: Kodiak $139

These rates are available through June 10, 2009. Purchase no later than Jan. 24. Also, there are low-low web specials here. Typically, these specials come out on Tuesday afternoons for the upcoming weekend. You can sign up for the free newsletter to get an early jump on the best flights at !


Oh, don’t miss out on Era’s “FlyAway” rewards program. If you’re a frequent travelers to/from Homer, Kenai, Valdez….or any of Era’s destinations, their new frequent traveler program really adds up. 

Stay tuned for more specials.

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