Looking for a few good fares (ANC-NYC, WAS, DEN)

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I love tracking down great air fares. Here are a couple I’ve been working on:

Anchorage-New York-Anchorage $479 roundtrip (including a-l-l taxes and surcharges). Fly Alaska Airlines to Chicago, then hook up with one of the worst-ever airlines: American Eagle. Do your own research. This fare takes you right into LGA (LaGuardia). It’s a great rate–and it’s available right now. Laura over at USTravel has some great theater packages to go with it.

Anchorage-Hartford-Anchorage $481 roundtrip (including taxes). Again, take Alaska’s #130 nonstop to Chicago and hook up with American Eagle. This is about half the price of a ticket to Boston. So, Hartford is a great option for travelers to/from the Northeast. 

There is a 14-day advance purchase required for these tickets. Check with USTravel for the best flights, plus your hotel/rental car reservations. Janelle, Tesa and Linda are available Monday-Saturday to book your flights. Call ’em at (800) 622-6449. 

Anchorage-Washington, DC-Anchorage: $513 roundtrip. Of course, you cannot get this fare to get back to the inauguration party on Jan. 20. Fuggetaboutit. There is a 21-day advance purchase. Northwest Airlines offers this rate in/out of Dulles (IAD).

Anchorage-Denver-Anchorage: $490 roundtrip. This is a Delta flight through SLC. There’s a 21-day advance purchase. I’m not a big fan of Delta Air Lines, but I’m glad they fly in/out of Anchorage. More competition is better than less. Much better. 

My prediction? Watch for big air fare sales in a matter of days, not weeks. Stay tuned.

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Oh, I snapped this shot at LAX last month on the way to Mexico. It’s as close as I’ve gotten to one of those big Qantas A380 double-deckers. Yet!

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