Tied up in knots after long plane ride

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Win a couple of free Yoga sessions! See below….

True story: Alaska Airlines did a fine job hauling me back from Mexico the other day. Manzanillo-L.A.-customs/immigration-Seattle-Anchorage. After our arrival at 3am, was I tied up in knots?? 

You bet. After waking up yesterday, I wandered over to Laughing Lotus here in Anchorage–yoga studio to the stars. Stretch, twist, flex…repeat.

It’s just what I needed to unwind after a long flight. My New Year’s Resolution is to maintain a good Yoga practice schedule–and Laughing Lotus is just the place. It’s located near 57th and Old Seward Highway in Anchorage.

On Jan. 10-11, Alanna Kaivalya is hosting a Jivamukti yoga workshop at Laughing Lotus. On Sunday evenings, beginning Jan. 4, Carrie Moore is hosting a Tribal Belly Dancing class through Feb. 1.

There’s plenty going on at our local Yoga studio. For me, it’s important to unwind, literally, after a long flight. Give it a try. I have two free passes for practices I’m giving away.

To win one, just tell me EXACTLY the address of the studio. Just drop me a note here: [email protected]. In the subject line, put “Laughing Lotus Yoga”. In the body of the email, put your name/address/phone, as well as the correct answer. I’ll make a random drawing. Enter now–YOU might be a lucky winner! Below, co-owner Kim Greeff leads a practice at the studio:

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