USAir and their $2 fee for water

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You really cannot make this stuff up: charging $2 for water. OMG. I got a nice note from my friend Charlie McFadden. Charlie is a flight attendant for USAir and lives in Louisville, KY. She loves her job–commuting to the “hub” at PHL. Still, the whole “pay for services” strategy at USAir has her befuddled. “As you know, Scott, I’m Scots-Irish. That means I love to drink, but I hate to pay for it.”

When I suggested that USAir might hand out free cups to get a drink from the sink in the bathroom, she replied:

“I sure wouldn’t drink the stuff in the bathroom!!!  Yeah, it’s gonna be great….$1 for the crappy coffee, $5 for peanut butter cracker snack box, $2 for soda, etc. Now, USAirways charges $7 for the mini-meals (already 1/3 smaller than before). We cater in Philadelphia for the day, and so far the beer can remains the same size…for $7. Of course, it’s $8 if I have to open it for them…HAHA.

“I’m voting for a $2 fee every time pax ring the call button,  $3 if it’s by mistake!  Don’t make me walk over there!    

“Hey, the good news is we don’t have to inventory soda and water like the booze. We can use our own good judgment (Not kidding here!) to give water out free if someone needs to take a pill.  Give out orange juice free if they’re diabetic and passing out, or if they’re an unaccompanied minor or a seeing eye dog!  You just can’t make this stuff up! Philadelphia FREEDOM! 

“Some websites now advise passengers only to offer to pay with $20’s or higher, since we won’t be carrying change.  Shoot….if that diabetic’s gonna get orange juice, I’m throwing in the vodka too!  Take care, wish me luck!”

Thanks, Charlie. Here’s a shot of Charlie “a few years ago” at her first job, at Braniff. She’s third from left. Foxy!

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