Delta Air Lines: perfecting the shakedown strategy

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Thanks to reader Van in Anchorage for the heads-up on Delta Air Lines. If you’re traveling on a free ticket with Delta after Aug. 15, the carrier will add a $25 fuel surcharge. Sure, you paid for the tickets to get the freebie, including their fuel surcharges. But that’s not enough–they’re going to sock it to you one more time.

For international tickets, the upcharge will be $50 per ticket. 

There’s always been a special place in my heart for Delta. I pretty much avoid the airline at all costs. Pity the poor, hapless travelers in Atlanta and Salt Lake City. 

At least Delta’s not charging $2 for water like the losers at USAir. Yet. 

These carriers do offer an important benefit: lower fares. For travelers to/from Anchorage, having Delta and USAir flights in the market depresses the air fares for everyone. 

So, let’s all play nice and remember: the enemy of my enemy is my friend, whether you’re talking about geopolitical strategy or a competitive airline environment. That said, one must call a spade a doggone shovel when it comes to this nickel-and-diming strategy by loser airlines like Delta and USAir. 


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