Twisted by travel? Try Yoga.

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My first yoga practice was at Winterlake Lodge in January. Perfect to limber up for a day on snowmachines, dogsleds and snowshoes.

Closer to Anchorage, my friend Mel Roller suggested I visit Laughing Lotus yoga studio, which is run by her friends Kim and Svia. 

Travelers are welcome to drop in to the classes at Laughing Lotus, offers a full slate of classes throughout the week. Choose from morning or afternoon classes–there’s even a one-hour lunchtime yoga class Mon-Fri. Nice! 

Whether you just got off a long flight, or you’re gearing up for a trip, stop in at Laughing Lotus. Go ahead–find grace in that Adhomukha Svanasana pose (Downward Facing Dog). 

We just returned from McCarthy up in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park. That is the site of a special workshop Svia is offering later this month: 

McCarthy Yoga & Camping Retreat, Jul. 25-27. This class is offered in conjunction with the Wrangell Mountain Center in McCarthy. You can camp out in McCarthy, or stay at Kennicott Glacier Lodge

This is going to be a great retreat. In addition to daily practices, there is plenty of time to hike and explore. Learn more online.


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