Great lunch at Sockeye’s in Kenai

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We showed up at the Anchorage airport for Era Aviation‘s quick flight to Kenai the other day.  Here’s a photo as we were approaching the Kenai Airport.


Quick–as in 19 minutes. That’s quick. The nice thing about Era is you can walk directly  from the curb up to the boarding gate and onto the plane. You know–why fiddle with the T-S-A-? ACK-ACK!  Anything to avoid that hassle! While you’re checking in, fill out an application for Era’s new frequent flyer plan, “Fly Away Rewards”.


I had a lunch reservation at Sockeye’s, the restaurant at Kenai Landing. General Manager James Rowell has this unique cannery-turned-destination all spooled up for travelers like you and me! The restaurant is in the old Mess Quarters, pictured below:


I checked out the 3-bedroom cottages they have available. It’s perfect for a family traveling together–better value than two rooms, that’s for sure. Each of the two cottages has a kitchen, a sitting area and a private bath. Check out the photo:


Oh, did I mention the free wireless internet?


In addition to the cottages, Kenai Landing has a number of rooms available in the old dormitories–some still sport the shared baths. But it’s OK–they are new rooms and the shower areas also are rebuilt from the ground up. Plenty of room. 


Kenai Landing used to be cannery–and still has all the trappings: dock, warehouses and dormitories. It’s well-situated for walking along the beach at Cook Inlet–or for fishing on the Kenai River. Here’s a shot I took walking along the beach: Mt. Redoubt was out big-time!


Honestly, though, I was more interested in my cheeseburger at Sockeye’s:

Dee-lishus. I topped it off with a pint of Kassik’s “Morning Wood IPA”. Kassik’s brews eight different styles of craft ale nearby in Nikiski. 




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