Trip report: Alaska Airlines Anchorage-Seattle

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It’s not often I get to fly mid-day. Usually, I get on board the late-afternoon or red-eye flights. It’s the nature of things. Cheaper, too.

But today, I headed out to Seattle on Alaska flight #98, departing at the reasonable hour of 10:16am.

The flight was packed. Our own Sen. Ted Stevens was snoozing in an exit-row-aisle seat. Every seat was filled on the 737-400.

The first-class lav. was out of order, so we had the opportunity to stroll back to the rear of the aircraft. The flight attendants were busy handing out the Digi-players, snacks and drinks.

The flight was quick–just two hours and 53 minutes. I sat next to a Fed-Ex pilot returning home to Seattle.

Before the flight, I camped out in the Board Room to churn out the weekly newsletter (sign up if you’re not getting it…fill in the box in the right-hand column). I love the Board Room. There’s free espresso from Silverhook (aka Kaladi), bagels, yogurt for breakfast and free wireless internet. The folks are real nice.

Rep. Don Young was chatting it up in the Board Room before the flight with a group of constituents.

In sum, a swift flight. No traffic in Seattle, either. A blessing. One note on check-in. I printed out my boarding pass at home–and I rarely have checked bags when I come to Seattle. So the check-in was seamless. No line at security. Thankfully, I had no metal hanging from any of my extremities to delay the silly security process. It’s all I can do to keep from laughing at the security folks. I don’t of course, since I might end up as a “selectee” because of my “attitude”. Puh-leeeze.

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