Whale’s Tail–my downtown club in Anchorage!

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The Whale’s Tail in the Hotel Captain Cook is my new downtown club! The lovely staff make a mean espresso–and there are all sorts of munchies within arm’s reach: cookies, bagels, brownies–full metal jacket.

Stop in after work for a featured glass of wine. There are several out on the bar right now. I lean towards the Pinot Noir. But you can make your own choice.

The layout is very comfy. In addition to the roomy booths around the perimeter, you can sink into one of the alcoves and watch tv, or pick one of the plush couches. Check out the art on display–or pick up a current newspaper. Oh–I almost forgot to mention FREE WIRELESS. My favorite word. “Free”, that is. “Wireless” is a close second!

Last time I stopped in was just after a massage at the Health Club downstairs. When you stay at the hotel, you receive free access to the club, including the pool, the weight room, the sauna, the steam room and so forth.

 There’s a weekend special at the Hotel Captain Cook: $125 per night. It’s the nicest place in town. Here’s a picture of a corner of the Whale’s Tail. Nice.Whale’s Tail

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