REVIEW: “111 Places in Seattle That You Must Not Miss” by Harriet Baskas

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When I was in Juneau last summer, I ran into my friend Harriet Baskas. 

You may recognize Harriet’s name from travel articles in USA Today. Plus, she authors a fun blog about airports:

When we were talking, though, she told me about her latest book project: “111 Places in Seattle The You Must Not Miss”

Me and Harriet near the base of Mt. Roberts in Juneau

Hey, I travel to Seattle all the time (ever since my first family trip in 1962), so I wondered if there was information I could use.


Harriet lives in Seattle and teamed up with photographer Cortney Kelley to offer a series (yep….111 stories) of very eclectic destinations. Here are some of my favorites:

Number 46: Georgetown Steam Plant. Georgetown is an industrial district between downtown and Sea-Tac. In fact, the old steam plant, which now is a museum, is right next to Boeing Field.It was built in 1906, specifically to power the city’s electric streetcar system. Right now it’s only open on the second Saturday of each month from 10a-2p.

Number 30: Fast Penny Spirits. If you’ve never heard of the Italian drink called “amaro”, you’re about to find out. Two Seattle women opened an amaro distillery. Best described as an Italian “digestiv”, Jamie Hunt and Holly Robinson set out to win the world over to the potion which features a secret blend of 45 botanicals. Stop in for a tasting! 

Number 73: The Pinball Museum. This is a story Charlie Martin and his expanding pinball collection. I paid special attention because some of the names are familiar to me. I dallied away hours of my misspent youth in pinball arcades. Now you can check out machines from the 60s, the 70s, 8-s and 90s. 

You’ll find descriptions of “old standards” like the locks that connect Lake Union to Elliott Bay, the Great Wheel on the waterfront and Boeing Field (location for the Museum of Flight).

Even if you know the destination, you’re bound to learn something new and interesting that Baskas dug up.

“111 Places” is a great book for locals and visitors alike. I’m taking mine with me when I head down to Seattle next month. 

FYI, there are 41 “111 Places” books. Check out the Seattle book at Amazon.

I wish I’d had the book for my first visit to Seattle…for the World’s Fair (below).

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