Time to upgrade your backpack?

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My original light-duty day pack (L). It’s still awesome–but it’s too small for laptop + gear. On the right, my new “Synik 30” from Tom Bihn.

When did you get your first backpack? For me–it was in high school. Then, I upgraded to a frame backpack for extended trips. At the time, it was pretty high tech! 

Headed back to college after visiting my grandparents in Santa Barbara.

After years of carrying a briefcase, I’m back to the backpack for travel and going around town.

When it came time to upgrade, I checked in with my friends at Tom Bihn in Seattle

The folks at Tom’s Seattle HQ (in the Georgetown neighborhood) share his meticulous eye for craftsmanship and utility. All his gear is designed and manufactured in Seattle.

Take a look at his site: www.tombihn.com

You’ll see that there’s a bag for every trip: gear bags, carry-on travel bags, cross-body bags, tote bags and on and on.  

All of this stuff fits in the “Western Flyer” travel bag (above). Read the BLOG post about it..

But I drilled down on a backpack, which I could use to carry my fat laptop and my other electronic gear. 

Because I’m hooked on my MacBook Pro (15-inch), I settled on a new pack that the just released: the Synik 30. It comes in a smaller version, a 22-liter version—but I’d have to get a smaller laptop. So the 30-liter model it is.

This is NOT me…but it shows how the Synik 30 contours line up with your back.

Since I go everywhere with my laptop, lots of things end up in the corners: lens cleaners. Small cameras. Pens and magic markers. When I poured out my old pack, I even found the keys that my grandfather used to start his streetcar in Portland.

Those removable straps are good for holding in clothes or a packing cube.

Christy said “Where does your water bottle go? Well, they thought of that. Since water is heavy and exterior pocket drags your whole pack to the side, the front+center pocket is perfect for your water bottle.

Water bottle goes in front. Or, you can slip it in the bottom pocket.

This is my first full week with the Synik 30. I’m still getting used to all the bells and whistles. That means packing a little differently– it feels good.

Is there an upgrade in your future? Check the site before you get your next pack—or travel bag.

I like it already–stay tuned for updates.

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