BOOK REPORT: “100 Things to Do in Alaska Before You Die”

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Go ahead–thumb through it and tell me how many of the “100 Things” you’ve done in Alaska!

True confession: when I first picked up this book by Fran Golden and Midgi Moore, I started counting off how many of the “100 Things” I’d done.

That’s a natural first response when you’re flipping through this fun read. You’re bound to find some things you want to do this summer. And it might inspire your visiting friends and relatives.

Midgi Moore runs a food tour in Juneau (Juneau Food Tours) and Fran Golden joined the tour one day when she was cruising through Alaska. That’s how they met. So one of the first sections in “100 Things” is “Food and Drink”. There are tips to dine with famous chef Laura Cook at 229 Parks, as well as a list of “dive bars” around the state. Then there’s a list of microbreweries around the state to try. It’s a long list! 

“I’ve been coming to Alaska since 1994,” said co-author Fran. “And every time I have an experience that I talk about for months.”

There are several sections in the book that pinpoint destinations or experiences in every corner of the state, including:

– See ancient petroglyphs at a beach in Wrangell.

– Drive the Dalton Highway (ahem…some preparation required) to Alaska’s North Slope.

– Explore Misty Fjords National Monument outside of Ketchikan.

There are lots of recommendations to see Alaska’s vast inventory of national parks—and a list of ideas on how to see a bear up-close.

Putting the book together, Midgi developed her own list of things she still wants to check off her Alaska list: “I want to go snorkeling in Ketchikan and I’d like to see the forest in Adak,” she said.

Some other standout tips:

– Surf the North Pacific in Yakutat, Alaska’s “Surf City”.

– Kayak in Glacier Bay (rentals and/or guides available in nearby Gustavus).

– Walk with a reindeer in Fairbanks.

“We had a lot of trouble narrowing it down to 100 things,” said Fran. “It could easily have been 150!” she said. 

Along with each tip of listing is contact information to learn more or to make reservations. There are several pages of color pictures to get you in the mood while you’re making your own bucket list! 

Buy “100 Things to Do in Alaska Before You Die” online HERE.

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