Knik River Lodge: around the corner (but a world away)

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Looking down Knik River Valley on the way back to the lodge.

Just 54 miles from downtown, Knik River Lodge sits near the base of the giant Knik Glacier. The lodge is easy to find—just drive out Knik River Road until you reach the end. You’re in the parking lot.

That’s Anchorage at lower left. The red dot is Knik River Lodge.

From the road, it’s easy to pick out the Raven’s Perch Restaurant, with “Al’s Deck” facing down the valley. It’s a beautiful setting, with some lovely farm-to-table selections. For dinner, we feasted on Alaskan produce, Alaskan beef, salmon and scallops. There was even a Vegan Bowl (thanks Ashley, for posing! ).

Ashley Larson holds up the Vegan Bowl from Raven’s Perch.

In back of the restaurant is a collection of cozy cabins with a fireplace, private shower/bath and a view across the valley. 

Aerial view of the lodge, which I took coming back on the chopper.

And sitting below the main building are three helicopter pads. This is important! Those choppers only have to fly five minutes and you’re over the ice. Choose from a glacier landing, a dogsled tour or a heli-hiking adventure. Alpha Aviation flies both A-Star and R-44 helicopters. See photos!

Getting in close for a look at the jagged surface of Knik Glacier.

LOCAL ALASKA SPECIAL: If you live in Alaska or are serving in the military, take advantage of special $125.99/night rate (for two travelers) for the cabins between now and Sept. 30, 2019. The special rate includes breakfast at the Raven’s Perch. Valid government-issued ID is required at check-in to confirm special rate.

Dog-sledding on the glacier with Snowhook Adventures.

Other adventure option: Go for a full-day ATV adventure up the Knik River valley to view the glacier. Full safety briefing/instruction included…no experience necessary. Enjoy lunch in front of the glacier before the return trip! 

Call Knik River Lodge (877-745-4575) and make plans to get away at special “Alaska/Military” rates of $125.99 per couple! Of course, the helicopter trips and ATV trips are extra! 

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