What I’m reading: “Alaska Raw” by Bob Lacher

In Alaska Travelgram by scott

“Alaska Raw” by Bob Lacher.

I got hooked on “Alaska Raw” in the first chapter. Bob talks about flying low over the beaches of the Alaska Peninsula “looking for dead things.”

Well, I’ve flown low over those beaches as well. But Bob saw a dead walrus with some big tusks. So he banked hard, landed the plane and prepared to harvest the ivory. Just one problem: a giant bear was working on the same walrus. So…Bob guns the plane and gooses it closer to the carcass in an effort to scare off the bear.

It gets crazier, since he can’t exactly yank the ivory tusk off of the skull….this is just one of the crazy stories Bob shares with the reader. I’m alternately chewing my fingernails and laughing so hard the coffee comes out my nose. You need to check it out. Find the book on AMAZON.

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