Photo: Barb Pierson, Northern Alaska Tour Company

Journey to the Top of the World

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Last weekend we traveled from Fairbanks to the Arctic Ocean with Northern Alaska Tour Company. We joined a tour called the “Arctic Ocean Adventure.” Yes, that means we drove about 500 miles in a van (thankfully, we FLEW back from Prudhoe Bay to Fairbanks). The road was well-maintained, but bumpy in spots. Many spots. HAHA. We crossed the Yukon River. We saw the Trans-Alaska Pipeline. We crossed the Arctic Circle. We visited the old mining town of Wiseman and learned a BUNCH from local citizen-scientist Jack Reakoff. Then it was up and over Atigun Pass to see the wildlife. LOTS of wildlife: Moose, caribou, Dall’s Sheep, musk ox, swans, ducks and birds of all manner and size. And incredible scenery. At the top of the world (Prudhoe Bay), we waded in to the Arctic Ocean…just for grins. I did an article for the Anchorage Daily News talking about all the critters we saw along the way. CHECK IT OUT.

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