Early-season specials for your trip to the Arctic Circle!

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Our friends at Northern Alaska Tour Company have some early-season specials for fly/drive packages along the Dalton Highway. Also known as “The Haul Road,” this is the route north from Fairbanks to Prudhoe Bay. Along the way, there are some great views–and you’ll learn a lot about the lifeline of the Alaska economy: the Trans-Alaska Pipeline! Here are three specials:

  1. Midnight Sun Drive. Catch the van north from Fairbanks on this full-day tour to the Arctic Circle. There are plenty of stops along the way to try and capture the grandeur of Alaska for your friends back home. See the pipeline. Cross the mighty Yukon River. Get a certificate to commemorate your Arctic Circle crossing! The bargains start later this month, between Apr 22 and May 20. It’s $179 per person. CHECK IT OUT!
  2. Arctic Circle Fly/Drive. You know me. I’d rather fly than drive. Northern Alaska Tour Company offers a fly/drive option up the Dalton Highway. Drive up to the Arctic Circle for the “red carpet treatment.” But instead of turning around, you keep driving north to the furthest-north truck stop in the world: The Coldfoot Cafe. Go ahead. Grab a burger. Then, fly back to Fairbanks. It’s a sweet ride in a Piper Navajo with big windows! Between Apr. 22 and May 20, the “Midnight Sun” price starts at $369 per person.  Aside from the foothills of the Brooks Range, I think the highlight of the flight is the aerial view of the mighty Yukon River!
  3. Arctic Circle Overnight. If you want to cool your jets overnight in Coldfoot, pick the “overnight” package. You’ll stay at the hotel across the parking lot from the truck stop. This will give you the chance to see the old mining community of Wiseman. This town was settled during the gold rush era 100 years ago. Jack Reakoff, whose family makes up a majority of the town, will show you around some of the old buildings. Jack is a true “citizen/scientist” and often is consulted on environmental, water and wildlife issues! 

Above, Jack Reakoff shows us around the town of Wiseman.

Make your reservations to take advantage of early-season prices with Northern Alaska Tour Company. Call (800)474-1986. Visit the website: NorthernAlaska.com

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